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Lifestyle's gross profit increased due to the introduction of new brands into Taiwan's e-commerce retail

Although the domestic epidemic situation is tense, the number of newly diagnosed patients has slowed down due to the expansion of new crown vaccination in European and American countries, and the ban on city closures and masks has gradually been lifted. ), Shangyi-KY (8482), Lystar (8066) and other stock prices rose against the trend.


Tellus pointed out that the revenue of Tellus' trading business in the first quarter of this year was 6.56 billion yuan, with an annual growth of 39.9%. In addition to the growth in demand for new categories, European and American customers still showed strong growth in the driving force of existing categories.


Benefiting from the early deployment of Tellus Group, before the outbreak of the epidemic, the US East warehouse was opened, and inventory storage was prepared to meet the strong needs of customers in a timely manner, so that the performance of Tellus' trading business still delivered a beautiful transcript despite the challenge of the epidemic.


Jiawei Life's revenue in April increased by 3% month-on-month and 45% year-on-year; the accumulated revenue in the first four months was 1.868 billion yuan, an annual increase of 5.26%. Revenue in the first four months of the year turned positive again, mainly due to the acquisition of the kitchenware brand Prepara in the previous year, which began to ferment in large channels, and the gradual unblocking of economic activities in the United States. The recent growth rate of total retail sales in the United States is better than expected, indicating that the vaccine is gradually being administered. After that, it will help retail sales continue to increase and detonate retaliatory demand. Jiawei, which mainly focuses on the North American market, is expected to show a trend of continued prosperity in the peak season and not weak in the off-season this year with the assistance of regional demand in sales.

In the first quarter, the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company reached 14.12 million yuan, and the EPS was 0.48 yuan, which was a substantial increase from 0.02 yuan in the same period last year.

Lestar pointed out that due to the impact of the epidemic, revenue fell by 11% last year, but if only in the second half of the year, the US market grew against the trend, and the proportion of revenue also increased to 65%. At present, due to the gradual unblocking of the United States, the relative demand is large. Explosion, revenue in April this year increased by 246% compared with the same period last year.